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Dwell Richly, Day 60

Today's reading: Luke 17

This week in particular, it's hard not to have my attention grabbed by this Word: "give thanks" (v. 16). The story of the ten lepers being healed is often read on Thanksgiving Day, and rightly so. It's a challenge to us all not to overlook the blessings of our Lord, but to return and give Him thanks. Let that be our focus this week!

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Dwell Richly, Day 59

Today's reading: Luke 16

The Word of Christ that stands out to me is shrewdness (v. 8). This hardly seems like a holy virtue, but Jesus shows us with this (rather strange) parable that desperate times call for desperate measures. Being able to read the writing on history's wall makes for shrewd actions that prioritize the Lord's coming kingdom, remembering that He is ever and always in charge. 

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Dwell Richly, Day 58

Today's reading: Luke 15

It's easily one of my favorite chapters of the New Testament. Three beloved parables, headlined by the unforgettable Parable of the Lost Sons. Within these stories, what stands out is joy/rejoice (vv. 6, 7, 9, 10, & 32). The Father's joy is what moves the world, and what we enter into when we partner in His mission!

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Dwell Richly, Day 57

Today's reading: Luke 14

One Word of Christ that grabs my attention today is compel: "Go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in" (v. 23). I don't think this is necessarily a summons to drag people to worship (though it might be!), but instead it underscores just how badly our King "desires all people to be saved" (1 Tim. 2:4). Let's head to the highways and hedges!

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Dwell Richly, Day 56

Today's reading: Luke 13

I can't help noticing Jesus' response to the Pharisees in v. 32: "Go tell that fox..." Whoa, this is Jesus in a way we don't often see Him! But He means business about "finishing His course." The Lord doesn't mince words. This reminds me that, when it comes to matters of highest consequence, it's no place for soft-pedaling the truth. God, grant me a wise and gentle boldness!

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Dwell Richly, Day 55

Today's reading: Luke 12

Jesus' tender Word to the disciples grabs my attention: "Fear not, little flock" (v. 32). One of the beloved hymns of our kids is "Have No Fear, Little Flock" (LSB 735). This Word from our Lord reminds and reassures me that He is in charge, and I can be confident in His kingly care...including for the little ones who are under my earthly care. 

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Dwell Richly, Day 54

Today's reading: Luke 11

My Word of Christ today is impudence (v. 8). What a word! My dictionary defines it as "not showing due respect; impertinent"...and this is how Jesus encourages us to approach the task of prayer. His point isn't that we be disrespectful to God, of course; rather, we have the privilege to pester Heaven!

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