+ ANNOUNCEMENTS - February 25, 2024

+ Announcements +

WELCOME TO GUESTS! - We are so glad to have you with us! If you have needs or questions, reach out to an usher or Pastor, or use the contact info on the back of the bulletin. We’d love to hear from you! Turn in your guest card to an usher to receive a little token of our friendship. 


SPECIAL WELCOME TO FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN - We have kids’ bulletins and activity bags— just ask an usher! If you need to leave your seat for a moment, we have a nursery with livestream down the hall; so you can still be involved with the service. Changing tables are in the women’s restroom.


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GODSPEED TO THE SOUTH AFRICA TEAM—Today we commission the "Mitten to Middelburg" team on their mission to South Africa. Pastor Tinetti and Anne, Pastor Maier and Pat, Pastor Newton and Priscilla, and Vicar Emery and Becky leave this Thursday and will be preaching, teaching, sharing, and caring with our brothers and sisters in Middelburg, South Africa, for two weeks. Pray for their safe journey, fruitful labors, and speedy return!


A BIG THANK-YOU - to the people helping out in the office during the South Africa trip! In addition to the extra tasks Chelsea will undoubtedly cover, Eilene Kane has volunteered to format and print bulletins. Ellen Koenig, the new office assistant, will be in the office for a few hours every week to check the mail, listen to phone messages, and help with many details around the building. Thanks to a great team for helping everything go smoothly.



ADULT BIBLE STUDY: EXODUS - An overview of Exodus, coordinated with the Dwell Richly Initiative. Today, Pastor will lead this 11:00 class as we look at chapters 5-10.


LENTEN SUPPERS - continue this week with Mexican Night on Wednesday, the 28th. Please see the bulletin insert for supper themes. You can turn these in to the church office mailbox, or sign up online at http://tinyurl.com/TLCLent2024.


RESTORATION CELEBRATION! - A community open house to showcase the restoration work done to the sanctuary will take place on Saturday, March 23 from 2 - 4 pm. The open house will be free and open to the public. In addition to allowing for casual viewing of the sanctuary, an archival presentation about the history of Trinity Arcadia will also be on display. Please spread the word and invite your friends to attend!


SEDER PASSOVER MEAL - is scheduled for Thursday, March 28 at 5 pm. We invite you to join us for this contemporary meal featuring a variety of fruits, roast lamb, eggs, and cheese. The evening begins with a recollection of the Passover events of the Israelites in Egypt. There will be readings and prayers prior to sharing the meal. The cost is $10/person and reservations are required. Sign up in the community corner or at https://www.tinyurl.com/Seder2024 Ages 10+ please.


PRAYER SHAWLS AVAILABLE - If you know of someone who would appreciate a prayer shawl please let us know! The knitters have been hard at work, and will gladly provide a shawl. Please contact Marian Zupin, Linda Nelson, or the church office.



NEIGHBORLY CAFE - meets every Tuesday and Friday, from 9:30 ’til Noon. A couple of volunteers are needed to help Kent with this ministry. There is always free coffee, cookies, and conversation, of course!


FEBRUARY PANTRY FOCUS: SHOW THE LOVE - Our Little Free Pantry is needy. Please bring food that will help warm and love our neighbors! Canned soup and veggies, bread mixes, pastas and sauces, and any other items can be placed in the Community Corner basket or in the kitchen LFP cupboards. Thank-you!



From Dave and Judy Olen:

Dear Fellow Members of Trinity,

Olen’s Talk of the Town Painting wishes to thank the staff and members of Trinity’s congregation for putting up with the disorder of the church and fellowship hall during this restoration project. The plaster and drywall dust, the never-ending trails of drop cloths, the forbidden curtain are all behind us as we have restored over 2,100 lineal feet of cracks in the walls and ceilings. This has been a labor of love for us, and for our crew, as we turned the sanctuary into a place that even more fully glorifies God and shows respect to the era of our church— through the paint colors and the custom-made stencils, this work was done to preserve our church and honor God for generations to come.


Thank you,

David & July Olen

Soli Deo Gloria!





Altar Guild Tara O’Brien 

Acolyte Louis Tinetti 

Ushers Robbie Burrus

Sam Emery

Christine Darga 

Communion Assistant Chip May


Fellowship Hosts Ben & Esther Loosemore

Angela Caro









Personal Prayer Requests

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Kathy Bellamy

Carl Boike

Ted Beiderwieden

Paul Burow

Carol Cary

Diane Schoonover Crist

Yasmine Durst-Walton

Jacob Emery

Mike Ennis

Bruce Erdmann

Doug Erdman

Evan Gruesbeck

Carl Hoppe

Pat Jones

John Keillor

Walt Kretzmann

Candi May

James Maier

Melba Panhorst

Dale Pelton

Sandy Pelton

George Punches

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Jason Swain


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Katie Winklehake

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Hugh Wurts



Col. Rob. Bejnarowicz – Army

Eric Blum - Marines

Jonathan Danke - Marines

Jon Davis – Navy

Jack Howard - Navy

Ted Howard - Navy

Wyatt Johnson - Nat’l Guard

Amber Maidens – Nat’l. Guard

Paul Myers – Army

John Nash - Marines

David Newton - Army

John Nash – Marines

Seth Nowland – Army

Brandon Schram – Navy

Trace Ware -  Army


Neighborhood - Bear Lake


Persecuted Christians - Ethiopia


Partner Church - American Association of Lutheran Churches 

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- Sunday, February 25th-

9:30 - Worship

10:30 - Fellowship

11:00 - Education Hour



- Monday, February 26th-


Sam Burrus


- Tuesday, February 27th -

7:30 - Men’s Guild

9:30-Noon - Neighborly Cafe

11:00 - Staff Meeting

3:00 - Women’s Bible Study

5:30 - ACT Meeting



Sean Adams



- Wednesday, February 28th -

11:00 - Knitting Group

4:45 - Joyful Noise

6:00 - Midweek Service & Supper

7:15 - Choir



Zack Chapin

Sarah Olson



-Thursday, February 29th -




- Friday, March 1st-

9:30-Noon - Neighborly Cafe



-Saturday,  March 2nd -



- Next Sunday, March 3rd -

9:30 - Worship

10:30 - Fellowship

11:00 - Education Hour