LARGE PRINT copies of this worship folder are available for the asking.

THIS SUNDAY we welcome as guest preacher the Rev. Dr. Chad Yeshayahu Foster, pastor of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Columbus, IN, and also a Jewish rabbi.  As his website states, “The combination of being both Christian and Jewish; of being both a pastor and a rabbi; of being both trained in Christian seminaries and by Orthodox Jewish rabbis; has produced a unique worldview and an ability to have conversations and build bridges”.  We are truly blessed to have he and his family in our midst this weekend.

THE CHURCH SANCTUARY IS OPEN.  Although our worship services are held in the chapel during this time, the church sanctuary is open.  Feel free to use the sanctuary during the week for private prayer or quiet time for reflection.

BOOK NOOK - The Book Nook is closed until further notice.  If you wish to purchase greeting cards, please speak with either Lesley Winter or Karla Woell.  There are some cards on the table across from the Book Nook without envelopes that are free.

GIFT CARDS - The Arcadia Care Team is collecting gift cards to local grocery stores to provide a little help for those who need it.  If you’d like to contribute, pick up a $25 gift card or two from Shop-n-Save, Family Fare, Meijer, etc, and drop it off at the church.  Thank you for your generosity!

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE LITTLE FREE PANTRY -  The “little free pantry” in front of the church has nonperishable foods and other grocery items you might need:  canned vegetables and proteins, personal care items, paper goods, etc.  Next time you’re shopping, grab a little extra and add it to the pantry!

NEED A HAND? We organized the Arcadia Care Team (ACT) in order to help our neighbors in need.  If you, or someone you know is in need of help in this time of crisis - or if you’d like to be part of the team - leave a message at 889-3620 or email ArcadiaCareTeam@gmail.com.

SUPPORT THE MISSION - Thank you for continuing to give your tithes and offerings to support the mission of Trinity Lutheran.  Online giving is now up and running, and you can contribute on a one-time or recurring basis.  To give, go to our web page at trinityarcadiami.org, then click on the “Give” tab.


Sunday, July 26th

Marilyn Albrecht’s Birthday

9:00 a.m. - Divine Service

10:30 a.m..—Divine Service

Monday, July 27th

Tuesday, July 28th

Richard & Heather Kinnunen’s Anniversary

Wednesday, July 29th

Jean Kretzmann’s Birthday

Thursday, July 30th

Hunter Harthun’s Birthday

Friday, July 31st

Joe & JoAnn Bogus’s Anniversary

Pastor’s Family Day

Saturday, August 1st

5:30 p.m. - Divine Service

Sunday,  August 2nd

9:00 - Divine Service

10:30 a.m.—Divine Service