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Dwell Richly, Day 89

Today's reading—John 21

What a chapter with which to conclude our reading of the Gospels! I'm struck by Peter's plaintive word in response to Jesus' triple question (verse 17): "Lord, you know that I love you..." Peter knows his own fickle heart, and that ultimately what matters most is Jesus' commitment to him, rather than the other way around. We are unsteady disciples all, but thanks be to God that our Lord Jesus still summons us, as He once again summoned Peter: "Follow me!"

Keep an eye out tomorrow for one last email to conclude this volume of the Dwell Richly Initiative, which will point to where we're headed next!

Dwell Richly, Day 87

Today's reading—John 19

I'm hard pressed for today's Word to be something other than tetelestai, "It is finished." But I'm also struck today by the fact that, as we're told in v. 41, Jesus is laid to rest in a garden. Of course He is. For from His death and resurrection comes the recovery of Paradise for all who trust in Him. 

What's your Word?

Dwell Richly, Day 86

Today's reading—John 18

We come once again to the passion account, this time according to John. I'm always struck by verse 6: "When Jesus said to them, 'I am He,' they drew back and fell to the ground." Suddenly they recognize that they are in the presence of the Holy One of God. Jesus, for His part, does not draw back, but presses on for us and our salvation. 

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Dwell Richly, Day 85

Today's reading—John 17

The Word of Christ I can't help noticing is ONE. Four times (vv. 11, 21, 22, & 23) Jesus prays for the oneness of His disciples. This convicts me. I'm not sure that I pray the unity of the Church as much as Jesus would have me. Lord, make your people one, even as you and the Father are one!

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Dwell Richly, Day 84

Today's reading—John 16

The Word of Christ here is ASK: "Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full" (v. 24). It's such an audacious invitation, traditionally there's a Sunday in the Church Year (the 6th Sunday of Easter) that bears its name: Rogate, "Ask" Sunday. And it follows on the heels of yesterday's word of joy: Jesus desires that our joy be filled up, and the path to that filling is asking!

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Dwell Richly, Day 83

Today's reading—John 15

The Word of Christ in this chapter that never fails to grab my attention is joy. Jesus says, "These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full" (v. 11). As we heard in worship yesterday, God's will is that we "Rejoice always!" (1 Thess. 5:16). This is only possible because of the joy that we receive from our Savior. Continually replenish us with your joy, dear Lord! 

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Dwell Richly, Day 82

Today's reading—John 14

The Word of Christ I can't help noticing today is orphans (v. 18). Such an arresting, vivid term, that cuts right to the heart of our fears. No one wants to be left behind, abandoned. Jesus has assured us that we will never be alone. He's given the gift of His Spirit and the gift of His Church, which is His Body. Thank you, Lord, for not leaving us empty! 

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