Dear Arcadia neighbors,

We are grateful for all the input, consideration, and kindness expressed over the last few weeks regarding our church bells.  We strive to be a good neighbor in all things. Two days after the public forum, our congregation voted to keep the bells as they have been.  Again, we thank you for your participation at the public forum, your written comments, and the conversations you had with us.  

We think that this event can open a new chapter in the relationship between Trinity and the village.  We hope to foster the kindness and respect that has been shown to us throughout this period.  As a first step, since the bells will continue to ring, we respectfully ask those with signs in their front yard to take them down. 

In the coming months, Trinity will be exploring ways to expand its relationship with the village.  Again, your ideas and thoughts are helpful and welcome.  Maybe you have an idea of how that relationship can expand.  Ideas such as movie nights, community potluck suppers, public presentations on timely topics, and even helping to launch a coffee shop have been suggested.  Maybe  you have other ideas.  Please, let us know.  Again, we aspire to be the heart of our village and so to serve our neighbors.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and concerns with us, on this and other matters of importance in our community. We love Arcadia and are honored to be able to serve this beautiful place we all share.


Trinity Lutheran Church