Messages and Opportunities

WELCOME to historic Trinity Arcadia, now in our 138th year of preaching the Gospel and serving the community.

LARGE PRINT copies are available for the asking.

2019 ALTAR FLOWER calendar is up.! Pick your special day to celebrate with all of us while there are lots of open dates.

ALTAR FLOWERS have been placed today by Gordon Danke to celebrate his birthday.

ADULT BIBLE STUDY continues with a study of 1 Peter by Pastor Tinetti in the Fellowship Hall. Try out the new pastor’s Bible study after worship today.

FOOD PANTRY.  Let us remind you of our continued support of the Onekama Food Pantry that helps people who cannot always help themselves.  Non-perishable foodstuffs may be donated in the Narthex Food Pantry baskets.  Your generosity is always appreciated.

PASTOR TINETTI’S SCHEDULE.  I plan to be in my study at church most mornings if you would like to stop by. Afternoons are generally when I like to visit our homebound members or do other trips out and about. If you need to reach me when I'm away from church, you can call or text on my cell phone, 509.329.8339. (I hope to get a local 231 number soon.) If I don't answer, leave a message and I'll get back to you shortly. I've also put up a white board outside my study, so you can leave me a note. Friday is family day, and so barring emergencies, please respect that personal time.

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY continues on Wednesday morning at 9:30 a.m. in the library.

BOOK NOOK has been restocked.  Spend a minute…save a lot!

INKLINGS OF ARCADIA—Are you receiving Pastor Tinetti's weekly e-newsletter, "Inklings of Arcadia"? If not and you would like to, simply send him an e-mail to with your request. Also, you may want to check your spam folder to make sure they're not filed there.

VISIT FROM PASTOR—Pastor is attempting to visit all of our member households. This low-key visit is simply a way for him to get to know you better and to hear your thoughts about our church. To set up a visit, please call the office or send him an e-mail.

THE TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH COUNCIL WANTS TO SAY THANK YOU TO THE CONGREGATION AND OUR GUESTS FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Each week we “pass the plates” to receive your financial gifts, and each week you respond with generosity and cheer. While God’s love is infinite, we know that money is not. And we, as the church leadership, want you to know that your gifts are appreciated. Your offerings and donations are used to support all facets of Trinity, big and small – for instance, keeping the lights on, our sanctuary is warm in the winter and cool in summer, our pastor is compensated, the sidewalks and steps are shoveled when it snows, our young ones have materials for Sunday School, VBS, and confirmation, our buildings are clean and safe, and the list goes on. It’s your financial support that makes this happen, thank you!

LISTEN TO THE LUTHERAN HOUR—Did you know that the Lutheran Hour is available on the radio in our area? You can hear new LHM speaker Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler each Sunday morning at 7 a.m. on either 92.5 or 94.3 FM. Alternately, you can download the podcast from iTunes.

IF YOU NOTICE A PROBLEM In any part of the building, please note it the Trustee clipboard in the church office (under the clock).


Trinity’s Calendar

Today, Sunday, January 20

10:00 a.m., Worship service

11:00 a.m., Coffee in the Fellowship Hall

11:15 a.m., Sunday School & Adult Bible Study

Wednesday, January 23

9:30 p.m., Women’s Bible Study

Saturday, January 26

10:00 a.m., A.A.

Sunday, January 27

10:00 a.m., Worship service

11:00 a.m., Coffee in the Fellowship Hall

11:15 a.m., Sunday School & Adult Bible Study